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Our Mission

The illegal wildlife trade is now the fourth largest criminal industry after drugs, arms and human trafficking. The trade threatens international security, national sovereignties, impoverished rural communities, and countless species from pangolins to elephants.


We support organisations and initiatives that work to protect and educate the Kafue National Park – community and wildlife. As a UK registered charity, we regulate donations to ensure they have the maximum effect, improving both security and confidence.

The foundation works on three key principles:


Advancing conservation and community initiatives across the Kafue National Park 

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Knowing where to focus is key. We invest strategically in projects to ensure each penny donated has the maximum effect.



The park faces a complex set of challenges. We aim to unite conservation, education and community efforts to create a sustainable change



Donations can get ‘lost in the system’. The foundation is designed to function with very low overheads ensuring that the maximum resources are spent on projects.

The Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia and the second largest national park in Africa, covering an area of about 22,400km, and is home to over 55 different species of mammals. The Kafue is home to more species of ungulate than any national park south of the Congo Basin.


Our Story

How a single trip to Africa and a love for wildlife lead to starting a charity.

Our Story

Support Us

We are incredibly grateful of any donation, small or large. As one of the few UK registered charities operating in the Kafue National Park we help to improve the financial security of the projects that need it the most.

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